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The Papkrast Group (Pty) Ltd is internationally recognized as a web design and development company with 15 years of experience in the field.

Since 2010, Papkrast Group (Pty) Ltd has specialized in crafting custom web designs and effective online marketing strategies for some of our clients. Simply put, our mission is to help our clients hit their goals, regardless of where they operate in the world. From responsive web development to search engine optimization, we have the depth in our services and talent to get the job done.

Here are a some of the websites that we have designed and developed for some of our most successful clients.


More than 40% of all the websites in the world are built on WordPress. More bloggers,vloggers,artists, entrepreneurs, small businesses, municipalities and massive global corporations all use WordPress. This is why will will use WordPress to develop and design your website too.


The possibilities to create the best website for you are limitless. The question is, what will you create with Papkrast Group? Your website will benefit from the following:


1. You allocate budget.
2. You select service level.
3. You make payment.
4. You receive our SLA.
5. We consult digitally.
6. You define the purpose.
7. We discuss look & feel.
8. We select the features.
9. We do user research.
10. We kick off the project.
11. We analyze your content.
12. We create the sitemap.
13. We plan for maintenance.

  1. We develop concept.
  2. We design visuals.
  3. We create look & feel.
  4. We implement branding.
  5. We make wireframes.
  6. We design graphics.
  7. We integrate form and function.
  8. We implement user psychology.
  1. We develop function features.
  2. We design website architecture.
  3. We set up CMS.
  4. We ensure responsive design.
  5. We develop back-end and front-end.
  6. We allocate themes & plugins.
  7. We design the user interface.
  8. We debug via code.
  9. We will implement CSS.
  10. We convert wire-frames pages.
  11. We develop PHP in the back-end.

1. We backup WordPress.
2. We install security plugins.
3. We set up 404 page.
4. We secure admin area.
5. We install a coming soon page.
6. We test e-commerce features.
7. We check browser compatibility.
8. We update your theme and plugins.
9. We ensure of website accessibility.
10. We connect your site to analytics.
11. We do full SEO.
12. We integrate social media.
13. We test website responsiveness.
14. We check HTML and CSS code.
15. We check spelling & grammar.
16. We check & fix broken links 
17. We add copyright notice on footer.

  1. We change passwords.
  2. We backup the website.
  3. We check & update all files.
  4. We check & delete spam comments.
  5. We test all your WordPress forms.
  6. We optimize database.
  7. We run performance tests.
  8. We find and Fix 404 Errors
  9. We do Perform content and SEO audit.
  10. We optimize images.
  11. We review security logs.
  12. We troubleshoot maintenance.Tasks


We have a growing collection of workers who are brought together in order to create digital-based content for clients, so quality checks are a must. We work in teams where everyone involved each has their own role that is varied and can change, depending on the task given to the team.

Your budget for will be divided accordingly in the most efficient way possible, to account for both the cost of people and necessary tech that is needed to produce your website. Papkrast Group Web Teams also verify that their documents are in order and their work can be tracked for each unique project. 


Here are some of the renowned organisations that have trusted us to design and maintain their websites. We would be honoured and grateful to have you as a client too. Please go ahead and click on any of our client logo to be directed to their website.


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Should you be not ready to place your order yet, then we do have a consultation option available for you. Our consultation session will afford you all the time you need to ask us all the questions that you have about our web design procedure and pricing.