Brand Design Gold Package


To design a brand, the Papkrast Group follows a process that has been carefully put into place to ensure that you get the best brand design possible. The Papkrast Group Brand Design Process is divided into five phases and they are as follows:


1. Research & Discovery

(a) Your vision, goals and values are clarified.
(b) You are interviewed and all the key management members are coordinated.
(c) Your needs and perceptions are reached.
(d) Audits for marketing, competitive, technology, legal and messaging are done..
(e) Existing brands and brand architecture types are evaluated..
(f) A full brand audit is prepared and presented.


2. Clarifying and Articulation

(a) Synthesize learnings and data from previous phase.
(b) Clarify brand strategy.
(c) Establish brand platform, brand promise, core values, voice personality, brand positioning and brand statement.
(d) Develop key messages.
(e) Start the naming strategy, brand brief, creative brief and brand attributes for you.
(f) Achieve a stakeholder consensus.


3. Identity and Visualization

(a) Visualize the future.
(b) Brainstorm the “big idea”.
(c) Design Brand Identity System.
(d) Explore key uses and applications.
(e) Finalize brand architecture.
(f) Present visual strategy.


4. Touchpoints & Interaction

(a) Finalize identiy design.
(b) Develop look and feel.
(c) Initiate trademark registration.
(d) Prioritize design applications.
(e) Apply brand architecture.


5. Managing & Extending

(a) Build cohesion and synergy around the brand system.
(b) Develop brand guidelines.
(c) Develop a launch plan.
(d) Launch internally.
(e) Launch externally.
(f) Nurture brand, ambassadors and advocates.
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