Papkrast Group


Krastology is the equivalence of the philosophical definition of any institution, from which all the Papkrast Group policies, corporate governance and brand language are defined.

Krastology defines who we are and we chose to be as we strive towards greatness on a daily basis. Here are some definitions that will help you understand the lingo at the Papkrast Group.


KRAST, is the primary word used to give emphasis to ordinary language. It is the linguistic agent of heightened and enlightened communication between KRASTODIANS.


To KRASTOMIZE is a special way of CUSTOMIZING. It is how we at the Papkrast Group make something that is very special, sentimental and unique, for our customers and clients.


KRASTODIANS are a group of people who have earned their place at the Papkrast Group as members, affiliates, customers and vendors. Anyone who believes in the Papkrast Group and supports the greater purpose of the company.


Best described as the careful study of the Papkrast Group methodology in service delivery, art creation, design development and service delivery.


KRASTONOMY is the current state and well being of the company’s economy.

This is the blueprint of our ethos. An ethos is not made. It is something that is already there, like a core. To find it, one must first find themselves.