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The Papkrast Group is internationally recognized as brand design company with over 22 years of experience in this field.

Since 1999, Papkrast Group has specialized in designing creative brand designs and corporate identities for some of our clients. Simply put, our mission is to help our clients have a recognizable identity that sets them apart from their competitors in their respective industry or market. Here are a some of the brand identities that we have designed.


Papkrast Group uses Adobe Creative Cloud to create because it gives us the world’s best creative apps and services so we can design anything you can imagine. We have access to a collection of 20+ desktop and mobile apps and services for all our photography, design, video, web, UX to creatively execute all our brand design projects.


1. You allocate budget.
2. You select service level.
3. You make payment.
4. You receive our SLA.
4. We consult digitally.
5. You set priorities and values.
6. We identify brand character.

  1. We get info about your market
  2. We get info about your competitors.
  3. Analyze trends.
  1. We set the task.
  2. We do user research.
  3. We do marketing research.
  4. We do a creative search.
  5. We choose style direction.
  6. We develop a colour pallet.
  7. We test different sizes & environments.
  8. We create your style guide.

1. We design or source typography.
2. We develop custom iconography.
3. We design supporting graphics.

  1. We unite & harmonize all visual elements.
  2. We design the corporate stationery.
  3. We design signage and vehicle and assets branding.

1. We prepare all the assets for you.
2. We instruct how and how not to use brand tools.
3. We explain and define the brand.
4. We hand over your brand design for you to use.


There isn’t an industry that we have yet to touch. We have designed for everyone in communications, health, logistics, food, dining, energy, music, decor hiring, accountanting, guest housing, jewellery, pod-casters, municipality, clothing, insurance, sports, photography, development, tourism, investments and entertainment. Not only are we ready, but we’d love to design your brand. Have a look at some of our work.


The brand logo is a touchstone of the branding process. What seems to be a basic picture, becomes a strong identifier of the brand, and has its own impact on the audience. Logos help to:
1. Set the tone.
2. Evoke memories of interaction with a brand.
3. Hint on what to expect from a brand.
4. Get noticed and recognized.
5. Identify the brand.

At Papkrast Group, we offer all seven different types of logos. We recommend to you that each of them should be chosen according to a list of factors, including the target audience, emotion to convey, name of a brand, and much more.


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Should you be not ready to place your order yet, then we do have a consultation option available for you. Our consultation session will afford you all the time you need to ask us all the questions that you have about our brand design procedure and pricing.