Papkrast Group

Advertising Campaigns

If you want to do well in your business, as part of your marketing, it is very important that you consider deploying a series of advertising campaigns. Just to be clear, in definition, an advertising campaign is a series of advertized messages, that are shared in a single idea and theme, which make up an integrated marketing communication. This is what Papkrast Group offers to you.


Display Ads

We offer to you digital and newspaper advertising. We buy ad space on the sites that are of interest to your target demographic. We also create text ads, which essentially look just like traditional print media ads, the floating banner above the site’s contact and even wallpaper with your product or service on the site background.

The main difference between display ads and newspapers ads is how we use search engine optimization techniques to reach your target audience more effectively when they search for you or your product. These types of advertisements are typically also Pay Per Click, which means that you bid on keywords that are mostly associated with your service or products and pay for your results to be at the top of the search engine search. We also offer to you one called Cost Per Thousand. This means that you get to pay a flat rate to show up in search results 1,000 times.

So, if you are ready to take you business to the next level by using Display Ads with Papkrast Group, then we strongly suggest that you . . .

Social Media Ads

You can get very affordable Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest advertising. We will set up paid social media ads that are focused on reaching your target audience with how much you pay adjusted to how many viewers see it and engage with it. We also offer you organic social media ads are the kind of advertisement that generate a lots of word-of-mouth, for example, if you we post something on your business Facebook page that offers a free product when followers click Like and tag a friend. These type of ads are free to post and make people aware of what you have to offer. If you believe that your business needs this then,

Newspaper & Magazine Ads

The Papkrast Group offers these kinds of advertisements to you because they are traditional and yet, no less effective. We have the experience to know that combining this type of advertising between local, statewide and national print media is a great marketing campaign strategy. There are many people who still reach for their morning newspaper or love to settle down with a hard copy of a magazine. Another important fact is that most print media now also has a digital presence. If you understand the value of this service then,

Outdoor Advertising

Now that billboards have gone digital, we at the Papkrast Group will use this to make an effective statement for your brand products and services. Transit ads are another kind of advertisements that we have in-store for you. We will feature your product or service on buses, and taxis. Promoting this way gives you excellent brand recognition as these types of advertisements are seen everywhere daily and make your offering hard to forget. So, it is really a good idea for you to,

Radio and Podcasts

The Papkrast Group Strongly recommends verbal promotion in the form of radio or podcast shows. We will help you to narrow down the types of podcasts that your target audience will subscribe to or the station they most listen to for creating the kind of ad that customers like and remember forever.