We are very simple people. We look and see how things are and how better they could be. We listen to people, young and old, about their needs and wants. Our listening and years of experience allow for us to always come up with the most creative business solution for any client.

To put it lightly, Papkrast Group loves to solve problems. Our drive comes from the process of creating something from nothing to achieve a specific goal or purpose. Papkrast Group tweaks and gets around traditions that limit the way of imagining fresh possibilities and brilliant ideas. Creativity is our driving force and it is manifested through artistic design and delivered by through latest technologies and unconventional  mediums.

Papkrast Group is innovative, efficient, productive, enthusiastic, practical, imaginative and consistently spontaneous…for you.


You will be happy with the creative direction and the ideas we will develop for you, your company or your brand. We always offer a brand new perspective on what is common and normal to society, because we are original in all our creative ways.

The years of experience and the ability to listen and understand what is required by you, has made us faster to deliver high quality intellectual property for you, so that you can achieve our goals faster. Put us to the test and experience the joy.

The success of our business formula comes from giving you the freedom to name your price of the service or product that require from us in the your preferred time frame. All our service order forms for you, ensure that you always get exactly what you order and pay for.


Papkrast Group is a growing company that was founded by Thato Chai is 2005, who is the sole proprietor. Alongside him, are a group of talented, resourceful,  skilled and like-minded colleagues / family / friends who also run their own businesses. We all come together to help solve world problems through connecting with others and by connecting the world faster and better.


As a company that started off as an advertising and creative agency, the changing of the times, economics, climate, technology, politics and social matters has inspired our transformation.

Papkrast Group is becoming a company that is focused on helping people acquire a sustainable health and wealth combination for personal and business.


Our online shop has all that you need. You can buy everything on papkrast.com. We are currently populating our store with unique products that can only  be found right here, on this website.


We ask. We listen. We engage. We process. We plan. We create. We design. We build. We execute. We present. We discuss. We test. We make sure. We deliver.


Satisfaction, happiness, health, wealth, security, knowledge and a great life.

At Papkrast Group we make sure you get exactly what you ask for. We can guarantee this because how how we work, why we work and who we work with.