The Papkrast Group is made up very simple people with big ideas and a great work ethic. We look and see how things are and how better they could be. We listen to people, young and old, about their needs and wants. Our listening and years of experience allow for us to always come up with the most creative business solution for any client.

We ask. We listen. We engage. We process. We plan. We create. We design. We build. We execute. We present. We discuss. We test. We make sure. We deliver…and yes, we charge.

Papkrast Group is a Level 1 BEE and global company that develops unique products that give people solutions and joy, in life and business.

Founded by Thato Chai, the company has been providing these products since 2005. We do our best to solve world problems through connecting with others and by connecting the world faster and better.

The Papkrast Group for your Brand.


All the products and service that are offered by The Papkrast Group, are available in the name of service to people, businesses, governments, organizations, teams, crews, choirs and movements from all over the world.

We have Brand Design Packages available for you. We cater globally for all industries. Like many other great people that we have sold our products to, you will always be happy with your purchase as well.