The difference between art & design.

20 MAR 2015
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Same Difference

At Pap Krast Creations we believe that design can be art and art can be design. The difference is how the subject is used, viewed, expressed, positioned etc. Creativity at its peak, allows art and design to be one.

A good example of this is our "half circle of friends" sculpure. This sculpture was received as a gift from friends back in 2006. In its original condition, the circle had eight friends with no colour. Now, only four remain.

The "Half Circle of Friends" is our candle holder, key holder, slamming door stopper and even a coffee mug station in our art studio. As an artpiece it represents a united family that has been broken and remained a family regardless of the loss...Strong and very much South African in the unity. Historically and Futuristically , this is an important artpiece as an iconic world symbol.

The technique and materails used to create the sculpture is the art side of this piece. How this sculpture is supposed to make you feel of think about the topic of family or teamwork is the design. Being a candle holder, primarily and obviously…this is a design by night. It’s function is? Yes you guessed hold a lit candle. The art side of this design is the silhouettes that are cast on the wall, shaped by the escaping light between the circle of friends. Pap Krast Creations is fully aware of the close relation between the two and always applies these fundamental principles in our creative, research and service delivery process to consistently achieve great results for ourselves and our clients.

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