We apply creativity to life and business

we are

the good ideas company

Pap Krast Creations loves to solve problems. Our drive comes from the process of creating something from nothing to achieve a specific goal or purpose.

Founded and Managed by Thato Chai back in 2005, Pap Krast Creations still practices the discipline of asking the right questions towards the betterment of conventional logic.

Pap Krast tweaks and gets around traditions that limit the way of imagining fresh possibilities and brilliant ideas. Brand Development is our driving force and it is manifested through creative design and delivered by through latest technologies and mediums. Pap Krast Creations' continued success is comes from our infinite creativity, innovative logic and the pursuit of doing better than the best.

In definition, Pap Krast (Is'khokho se Papa) is the English translation of the hard crusty layer that is formed during the cooking process of mielie pap. Mielie Pap is the most consumed food substance in South Africa. The term Pap Krast is commonly associated with being good, tough or great. This is what aspire to be. As from today.



The 20 years of creativity we have served in many industries has increased the number of mediums and platforms in which we execute our good ideas for our clients. We have advanced and we steadily continue to do so.

video editing 74%
copy writing 86%

It still ultra sounds good.

Thato Chai's History

From primary school desk surface art engravings to multimedia productions, Thato Chai continues to strive towards being more effecient as solutions and ideas man. Below is the timeline of the key points that made what this company what it is.

Age 8 to 10
He and some friends made thier first fashion items. These were in the form of personalised soccer jersey made from a 25kg mielie meal sack. This was a common practice in Vosloorus. In his spare time he made soccer action figures made from paper.
Age 10 to 17
His first introduction to art as subject, as a discipline and a platform for expression from schools like CBC, KEPS and BHS.
Age 17 TO 19
He compiled his first art portfolio which included a sculpture. He was awarded the Head Masters Award and Soccer Player of the Year at Boksburg High School. He did his first graffiti mural and started practicing the art of freestyle rapping.
Age 19 to 23
Thato Chai studies two years of interior design (dabbling on graphics) at Inscape Design College and went on to study IT at what used to be WITS Technicon in Auckland Park, Johannesburg.
Age 23 until now
Thato Chai is still offering the best in creative business solutions to a few clients and selling unique products to the world.
MF Benzo

Amu Chaukes Profile

Benzo is our Creative Superhero, a world changer, a creator of awe inspiring design. Benzo true skills are in the interpretation of ideas into awesome media. Benzo is a Senior Professional Graphic Designers Full Stack Developer offering over 14 years of experience on both client and server sides with advanced skills in Creativity and imagination, IT skills, drawing skills an ability to find practical solutions to problems, an understanding of current trends and styles, HP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, Jquery, Magento, and CSS to name a few.

Amu Chauke specializes in the following creative sectors: Talent, Technical, Skills, People Skills, Business Skills, Digital Artist, Digital Designer, Brand identity Developement, Advertising , marketing, Design, product, graphic, fashion design, film, TV, video, radio and photography, IT, software, computer, services, Publishing, Museums, galleries, libraries, music, performing and visual arts.

We apply a great methodology

Phase One

Project Analysis, Consultation and Research

In this initial phase, we listen and note all the exact client's requirements. We discuss project time frames, key factors and the clients' budget for the required service or product. This phase is the ramp that takes us to the second phase, designing.

Phase Two

Design Concepts, Revisions and Finalisation

The second phase involves the beautiful process of converting the clients desired outcome into the seed of the creative solution. We present a variety of ideas that are, together with the client, tweeked, chopped and moulded into what will be something perfect for the client's brief.

Phase Three

Concept Execution and Creative Development

Depending on the service or product that you purchased, this is the phase where we roll up our sleeves and do all that it takes to develop the best possible outcome from our brief.

Phase Four

Testing before and after we test.

With our magnifying glasses on hand, with fine comb, spell check, proof read, measure, test, examine, trial run and do a standard checklist before we submit the clients' purchased product or service, so to make sure that all is order.

Phase Five

Product Submission or Service Finalisation

It is at this final stage that we hand over all that we have developed for the client and finalise all services for that particular brief. Maintainence plans and support systems become relevant at this stage to ensure that the client's satisfaction is stable at peak level.